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RIP MSN Spaces / Windows Live Spaces, Welcome WordPress

As you all must have read or heard:


"WordPress.com and Windows Live partnering together and providing an upgrade for 30 million Windows Live Spaces customers"


More info here and on wordpress blog and also when you log into your spaces page.



Will update soon.

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Rearranging your Photos – New: Drag photos where you want them

The Windows Live team has finally added the much needed photo rearrange feature. Although way overdue it is better to be late than never! :)

Their post below:


of you let us know how disappointed you were at being unable to arrange
photos in your Windows Live online photo albums. We appreciate your
feedback – it helps us keep improving Windows Live.

Today we’ve released a couple of quick and easy ways to
arrange your photos to better tell your stories. Now you can arrange
them by dragging and dropping them or by numbering the photos in the
order you’d like them to appear.

Arranging photos in an album

We’ve also just released a few other small changes, including a
new link from each profile that allows you to view all the photos
tagged with that person’s name, and changes to Windows Live Favorites. You can read more about it on the SkyDrive team blog.

- The Windows Live team

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No updates till Feb

There will be no updates on HMS till Feb. Busy with work and travel.
Hope you all had a great New years’.

- Dev

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Happy New Year


Wishing all my readers a very Happy New Year. Have a great 2009!


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Speed delete spam comments on Live Spaces


With the new updates in place, spam comments have reduced but they are still persistent. Due to the lack of a ‘block-user’ feature on spaces, manually deleting spam comments can get tedious. You have to go to your recent comments page, scroll down to find the delete link below the ever long link filled comment and after having clicked the link, Spaces will prompt you if you want to delete. After you do that the page re-loads and you are taken to the top of the page again. This is time-consuming and multiple comments cannot be deleted.



A generic spam comment on Windows Live Spaces


You can delete multiple spam comments in less time using the mobile version of spaces which is light and loads quickly. Make sure you are using the new Internet explorer or Firefox browsers so that tab browsing is possible.

  • Sign into your Windows Live Home page or Spaces.
  • Go to the mobile version of your space at http://yourspacename.mobile.spaces.live.com . Replace yourspacename with the unique address of your space. In my case it is http://d3vmax.mobile.spaces.live.com.
  • After you have signed into the mobile version of your space you will notice a page with shows you the recent comments made on your space. The comments on the mobile version of spaces are not loaded fully and you can see many more spam comments at a time when compared to the recent comments page on the normal Windows Live Recent comments page.
  • Identify the comments you think are spam and click on the Delete comment link found under each comment. When you click this link, make sure you click it with your middle mouse button or by pushing in your scroll button. This will open each ‘Confirm deletion of comment’ page in different tabs. You can also achieve this by holding down on the Ctrl key and then clicking the Delete comment links.


  • You can now quickly go through each tab window and click on the Delete comment button to confirm the deletion of the comment.

This way you can delete multiple spam comments on your space and save a lot of time. I hope this was useful to you. Your feedback is welcome.

Tip:-  You can switch through tabs more efficiently by holding down on the Ctrl key and pressing 1,2,3, etc.  while hovering your mouse over the delete button area and clicking on it after which you switch to the next tab. Repeat!

- Dev, Windows Live Spaces MVP

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Tip: Solve Unknown unexpected problems and errors


If you are getting some unknown errors using Windows Live or Space try to delete your temporary files, cookies, etc. Then try again. You may get unknown errors while trying to upload photos, saving links or publishing an entry / updating an entry.

Sometimes you can’t save a link in a custom list after editing it when using a Firefox browser. Try using Internet explorer. Live Spaces is 90 percent compatible with Firefox but not fully.

If you still get an unexpected error try in a few hours time or comment below.

Please use Google or Live Search to find out how you can delete temporary internet files, cookies, etc.

< When using Firefox, I was unable to save or edit the item above. It worked while using IE >

Click here to view a similar entry I posted earlier.

- Dev, Windows Live MVP.


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