Background Tables


You can use background tables in your blog entries to give it a different theme for the individual blog entry you want to publish, whether it is a poem or a small article.

For example:







Hack MSN Spaces


A d3vmax tutorial


Background Tables







To do this…

  • Click here to browse through the background database.
  • After selecting the one you like, click the corresponding code text file present next to it and download the file. Open the saved file and copy the entire HTML code. (See/click pictures below)



  • Create a new blog entry.
  • Press the <HTML> button present in the blog editing tools.
  • Paste the code you copied earlier. (Right click your mouse and select Paste from the drop down menu)
  • Press the <HTML> button again and you will see the background image with a your text here in a box. Click this portion and replace it with your own words/poem etc.
  • After you are done with making adjustments like font size and colour, publish your entry.

  • Repeat the above steps for different blog background tables.


    Click here to see a tutorial on custom blog backgrounds.

    A special thanks to Little Fish Big Pond for providing the backgrounds and the codes.

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