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Are you tired of your slow computer and the annoying (porn) pop-ups? 

It maybe due to the hidden viruses, Trojans , spy/ad-ware running secretly in the background eating up your memory and also secretly sending information about your surfing habits to adware companies.

You need three basic softwares…

  • An Anti-virus
  • A firewall and
  • An Anti-spyware / Anti-adware 

[You must also have a genuine copy of windows Xp/ Vista running on your PC]


  • Then go download Windows Defender beta. It is a fantastic free MS product that does the job of a firewall, anti-sypware and anti-adware all in one, quick and user friendly and protects your PC without you realizing it. Click here to go to the download page.


  • After downloading and installing these softwares, get updates for them.
  • Disconnect from the internet by removing your Ethernet/dial-up cable from the socket or switch off your Wi-Fi connection
  • Unintall Norton or any Anti-virus/spyware/adware softwares that you had before. They are expensive; don’t do the job half the time and hog up your system resources. They also require a start-up each time you update them (which is nearly everyday)


Well once you have done this…

  • Run a scan on your newly installed anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares and get rid of all the worms, virus. trojans, spywares. They will weed out most of the problems faced by average computer users.

  • Re-connect your cables or switch on the Wi-Fi connection and surf the net without any frustration or fear.
  • Done!


It may also help if you use the Internet Explorer 7 or the Flock browser to browse the internet, instead of the old IE6 and Firefox.

Go to Add/Remove programs via Control Panel and look for any toolbar softwares that you don’t recognise. Like google and Yahoo toolbar for IE/Firefox are fine but if you got something like 123 search toolbar or any other wierd sounding toolbar(s), uninstall it straight away as they display ads and pop-ups to you and hinder your browsing/Spaces experience.

Click here for more PC protection tools.

Hope this article was helpful. Link this article to your Space to spread awareness and help fight spyware.


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